West Market Kid's Club

Club Name: Kid’s Club

Amanda Sutton 


Club Purpose: Provide the opportunity for parents and children to get to know one another in our neighborhood and have chances to play together. 


We would like the opportunity to meet once a month in the clubhouse for a “special” activity. Some ideas include: movie night, craft activity, cooking, etc.


Members (all must be West Market owners or residents):



General Requirements (applicable to all West Market Clubs)


1. Club membership must be open to all West Market owners and residents.


2. The benefits of West Market recognition are that: (a) the Club may reserve the Main Hall and kitchen in the Clubhouse for no charge and without need of entering into the rental agreement otherwise required of reservations; and (b) club activities may be promoted (in WMCA management’s discretion) through the regular West Market communication tools (such as the newsletter, web site, and community calendar).


3. When reserving the Main Hall or kitchen at the Clubhouse the club must comply with the West Market Policy Concerning Reservation and General Use of the West Market Clubhouse (the “Policy”), including without limitation its limitations on the service of alcoholic beverages applicable to Community Organizations.


4. The Chair is responsible for making the club members and their invitees/guests aware of the provisions of the Policy.


5. Only the Chair named on this Application for Recognition may make a reservation on behalf of the club. The Chair must have a good-faith belief at the time of making the reservation that those attending the club event on the day of the reservation will be predominantly (three-quarters or more) West Market owners or residents. Following each reservation the Chair shall promptly advise WMCA management how many people attended the club’s reserved event and approximately how many were West Market owners/residents.


 West Market Kid's Club
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