Trash & Recycling

Trash and Recycling Services are provided by Patriot Disposal.  
Trash Pickup: Tuesday and Friday 
  • The pickup comes very early in the morning.  Trash and recycling may be set out the night before. 
  • All trash must be in the trash cart. Loose trash on the ground may not be collected.
  • Madison Park Condominium Residents. The trash enclosures are located at either end of Abington Hall Place.  Do not leave trash loose in the enclosures.
  • Thank you for stowing all bins and carts by the end of the day.
Bulky Item or Special Pickup
Hazardous Waste
Yard Waste Pickup: Tuesday 
Recycling Pickup: Wednesday
  • All recycling material must be clean of all food contamination. 
  • Do NOT place rocks, concrete, dirt, soil, sod, tree stumps, construction debris, brick, or landscaping timbers in Yard Waste bags. Collections of these items may be provided for an additional charge. 
 Glass Recycling 
  • Curbside glass recycling is no longer available.
  • Do Not Place Glass in the recycling tote. 
  • Click Here to find the nearest purple can drop-off location.
 What Do I Do With Plastic Bags?
  • Plastic bags are made of highly valuable and recyclable material, but... they clogged up single-stream facilities.
  • The best place to recycle is back at the grocery store.
  • For more information

 Need a New Trash Cart or Recycling Bin?